Integration services

Radion offers a wide range of tailor made solutions to handle the embedded computing tasks for diverse applications.

The solutions offered can consist of a wide variety of components including: embedded single board computers, LCD Monitors and Panels, Touch Screens, Power supplies, various inputs and outputs and embedded/standard operating systems.

All platforms are integrated and tested in our laboratories.

Integration of LCD and SBC

Radion will handle the task of integrating your LCD Panel, obtained through Radion or a third party, with the single board computer selected for the computing platform. We will take care of the BIOS modifications, LCD cable definition (TTL or LVDS), manufacture a sample of the LCD cable and finally test and validate the offered solution.

Integration of Power Supply and SBC

In addition to offering a wide variety of Power Supplies for dedicated markets, for an embedded computing system Radion will offer the most suitable power supply for the application based on measurement of the complete platform power usage, mechanical constraints, marketing and regulatory constraints.

BIOS Modification and Customization

As each application has unique specifications and requirements, Radion acknowledges that some modifications are required to the system or individual component BIOS for each application. Radion can perform the requested BIOS modifications in order to customize the solution for the specific application.

Definition and Manufacturing of LCD Cable

Radion can mass-produce the LCD cable, defined in the integration phase, between the
single board computer and the LCD panel.

Specialized Cases

Some applications require the design and production of a specialized chassis or the
modification of an existing one, in order to accommodate all components and
requirements. Radion can design a specialized chassis, based on your specific application and market needs.

Radion can produce sample quantities and mass-produced quantities of the final
designed case.

Touch Screen Integration

Radion will integrate a touch screen based on a list of requirements such as technology,
optical performance and durability with the entire platform. A compatible controller will be defined, and the solution will be validated with the single board computer and LCD panel.