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C128 High Density PCB

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C128 High Density PCB


  • High density miniature connectors with Tortac technology
  • Very low stacking height
  • Ergonomic and lightweight design
  • Low insertion and extraction force
  • Low cost of ownership

The C128 connector is based on Tortac© technology, the evolution of Hypertac hyperboloid contact design dedicated to high density connectors. The C128 connector features a smaller pitch allowing contact density of 60 ways per cm2, thus doubling the original standard offered by Hypertac and ensuring improved performance in high frequency environments.

Aligning functionality with the specific custom requirements of Radar applications, the new 128 way connector integrates Tortac sockets with a diameter of 0.5 mm to achieve 1.27 mm pitch, square grid whilst maintaining the acclaimed standard of technicality offered by Hypertac contacts.

The C128 connector is designed to protect the electrical interface, is interchangeable and geometrically compliant to sheets 120-121/MIL-DTL- 55302 and provides resistance to harsh environmental conditions including salt spray, shock and vibration.





Number of Rows/Ways     2
Pitch 1.27 mm
Contact Positions 128
Current rating 3A single contact
Receptacle contact termination Dip solder
Plug contact termination SMT
Interchangeability Sheets 120-121/MIL-DTL- 55302