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CFX500 CFast Card

Transcend’s CFX500 CFast memory card integrates a rapid and robust SATA interface into a CF card form factor, offering improved performance and convenience for POS and embedded systems. Featuring enhanced speed and robust portability, the CFX500 CFast memory card is designed to perform like SSDs, and as such are extremely capable when used as bootable drives.


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  • RoHS compliant product
  • CFast Specification Version 1.0 compliant
  • Support S.M.A.R.T (Self-defined)
  • Support Security Command
  • Support Global Wear-Leveling, Static Data Refresh, Early Retirement, and Erase Count Monitor functions to extend product life
  • Built-in ECC (Error Correction Code) functionality and wear-leveling algorithm ensure reliable data transfer
  • Fully compatible with devices and OS that support the SATA 3.0Gb/s standard
  • Non-volatile SLC Flash Memory for outstanding data retention