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Fixed Attenuators

Fixed Attenuators

Fixed Attenuators

We are the world leader in fixed attenuators from DC through Q band.  Fixed attenuators are available in 0.1 to 400 W versions, covering DC to 50 GHz applications and offered in 0 to 30dB values. Our attenuators are available in several package styles including chip, tab & cover, flange and coaxial models for use in both low and high power applications. These products are available in standard commercial product as well as high reliability versions.


  • Substrates – BeO, AlN, and Alumina
  • Commercial and High Reliability Product Lines
  • Frequency Range from DC to 50 GHz
  • Attenuation Values from 0 to 30dB
  • Space and Military Qualified
  • Surface Mount, Wire-Bondable and Coaxial Configurations


  • Small Footprint
  • Totally Passive
  • Power Handling up to 400 Watts
  • Several Metallization Options Available, including a RoHS compliant version


  • Circulators
  • High Power Amplifiers
  • Receivers
  • Filters
  • Isolators
  • Signal Sampling
  • Interstage Isolation
  • Impedance Matching