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  • Extremely small package maximizes portability and enhanced access to fiber or copper connections
  • All metal case is rugged and secure but also lightweight, portable, easy to handle
  • Comprehensive network switch support with 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet
  • 100BASE-X and 1000BASE-X Fiber Interfaces
  • Multimode or Single Mode optics
  • 10/100/1000Base-T copper port speeds
  • Robust networking support with the latest generation MarvellTM switch technologies.
  • 1Mb packet buffer memory with true non-blocking switch performance
  • -40°C to +85°C operating temperature
  • EN-60825/IEC-825/CDRH Class 1 compliant 1310/1550 FP Lasers
  • Frame based flow control supports zero packet loss under temporary congestion
  • 10Kb jumbo frame support Industry standard micro-USB plug for desktop communication, power, and firmware updates.


COTSWORKS Part Number XVCR Type Optical Data Rate Ethernet Standard Wavelength Pout min Pout max Rx Sens max Link Budget min
nm dBm dBm dBm dB
LS-SX-BC RJ 1.25Gbps 1000BASE-SX 850 -5 -1 -21 16
LS-LX-BC RJ 1.25Gbps 1000BASE-LX 1310 -5 1 -18 13
LS-SFF-SX-BC SFF 1.25Gbps 1000BASE-SX 850 -5 -1 -20 15
LS-SFB-M-35-BC SFF 125Mbps 100BASE-BX 1310Tx|1550Rx -9 -3 -31 15
LS-SFB-M-53-BC SFF 125Mbps 100BASE-BX 1550Tx|1310Rx -9 -3 -31 22
LS-SFB-G-35-BC SFF 1.25Gbps 1000BASE-BX 1310Tx|1550Rx -6 0 -22 16
LS-SFB-G-53-BC SFF 1.25Gbps 1000BASE-BX 1550Tx|1310Rx -6 0 -22 16
LS-SFP-BC SFP SFP Lightning Stick available with 100Base or 1000Base Firmware. Optical specs based on transceiver installed.