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Thermopad® TVA

Thermopad® Temperature Variable Attenuators

EMC Technology is the world leader in temperature variable attenuators from DC through Ka Band, featuring our patented Thermopad line of products which compensate for gain variation over temperature. The Thermopad® (Patent # 5,332,981) is a totally passive, surface mountable temperature variable attenuator. It requires no bias or control voltages and does not generate distortion. The Thermopad can be used in place of a standard chip attenuator to combine level setting or buffering and temperature compensation in a single chip design. This will reduce component count, increase reliability, and lower costs. Applications include power amplifiers, mixers, MMIC amplifiers, directional couplers and diode detectors.

Features Benefits Applications
Frequency Range from DC to 36 GHz Small Footprint Power Amplifiers
Attenuation Values from 1 to 10dB Surface Mountable Military
Wire Bondable Connections Available Zero Distortion, Totally Passive Mixers
Negative & Positive Coefficients of Attenuation Available Power Handling up to 2 Watts Satelite Communication
Tape and Reel Packaging Available Tailored Response to Variations Over Temperature Gain Blocks
Space and Military Qualified Several Metallization Options Available MMIC Amplifiers
Impedance 50 and 75 Ohms Requires no DC Power Directional Couplers
RoHS Compliant Option Available Diiode Detectors
Broadcast (TV and Radio)

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