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THE POWER OF ROBOT ENGINEERING רדיון חברה להנדסה פיתחה לאחרונה את תחום מוצריה לרובוטים תעשייתיים קלים ויעילים במיוחד עם 7 צירים. הודות לטווח פעולה רחב, הרובוטים הינם חזקים במיוחד, מהירים ומתאימים לשימוש במקומות צפופים. בנוסף, הרובוטים מאפשרים שימוש גם באפליקציות של מערכות פשוטות, בינוניות (ובתקציב נמוך), ובזכות זאת ניתן להשיג אוטומציה על ידי תכנות גמיש ופשוט עבור אוטומציה מורכבת. בזכות הטכנולוגיה המבוססת על עיצוב חדשני, בקרי רובוטים מתקדמים, ממשק משתמש פשוט נוח ויעיל ומכניקת זרועות מתקדמת, באפשרותנו להציע מגוון רחב של דגמים שיעזרו לרצפות ייצור בחברות קטנות ובינוניות לייצור יעיל, מקצועי ותחרותי ובצורה אוטומטית ונוחה. מדוע צריך רובוט עם 7 צירים כאשר ישנם בשוק מגוון רובוטים עם 6 צירים ? - התשובה היא פשוטה. רובוט 7 צירים מאפשר פעולות רבות יותר אשר לא ניתנות לביצוע עם רובוט 6 צירים. ישנן כמה אפשרויות להשיג רובוט עם  7 צירים:- האחת, ע"י שימוש ברובוט 6 צירים ולהוסיף לו מכנית ציר נוסך על שולחן העבודה השנייה, פשוטה הרבה יותר לרכוש מלכתחילה רובוט  בעל 7 צירים מקורי בזכות רובוט עם 7 צירים אין צורך להשקיע משאבים של זמן, תכנון וכסף לעיצוב המכונה סביב הרובוט שלך. ברובוט בעל 7 צירים, ניתן להגיע בקלות לכל מקום בסביבת העבודה, דבר המאפשר חופש מסוים בתכנון ובביצוע היישום ע"י מספר מדידות בסיסיות והתאמות על המכונה והמשימה מתבצעת! חסוך מקום בתכנון המכונה שלך רובוט עם 7 צירים, מסוגל לפעול בסביבת עבודה צפופה לבסיסו. הציר השביעי מסייע בכיפוף הזרוע בצורה כל כך שונה המאפשרת לכך שהרובוט יעבוד בקלות בסביבה הקרובה אליו – כל זאת מהווים חיסכון של מקום בסביבת העבודה. המשמעות הינה, שכאשר אתה בונה ומתכנן מכונה, השטח שתזדקק לו היה קטן יותר משמעותית מאשר עם רובוט בעל 6 צירים. חסוך זמן יקר ייתכן, שלב התכנון הראשוני לא חשבת על המגבלות של רובוט בעל 6 צירים אך ככול שגוברות הדרישות ומורכבות היישומים אתה נדרש בהתאם להציע לפתרון רחב יותר [...]

Vitrek’s New Ultra High Accuracy Power Analyzer Sets New Standard for Price/Performance

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We are excited to announce the release of the newest additions to the Vitrek Power Analyzer Family, the PA920 &PA910 Series of power analyzers! The New PA920 offers Ultra-High Accuracy of 0.024% while the PA910 offers 0.045% Power Accuracy. Both models provide faster sampling rates, bandwidth performance and greater harmonic frequency, yet are still easy-to-use and affordable. Click to read the full Press Release and Product Datasheet for the new products. The PA920 combines industry-leading power measurement accuracy (0.024%, 20Hz-1KHz); innovative multi channel Virtual Power Analyzer (VPA) architecture; expansive harmonics analysis capabilities, built-in library of environmental compliance tests with market-leading affordability Poway, CA—October 22, 2019—Vitrek, a leader in high-voltage test and measurement equipment, introduces the PA920 Series Ultra High Accuracy Power Analyzer. The PA920 sets the new standard for accuracy (0.24% of reading) in the graphical power analyzers market. It integrates an ultra-high-accuracy, wideband waveform digitizer with advanced computational capability, a large high-resolution display and a full-color touchscreen user interface. The multi-channel PA920 offers unprecedented 0.024% power measurement accuracy for all channels (1-4 channel cards available per unit), innovative VPA architecture, 100 full-precision readings per second and measurement bandwidths sufficient to handle 5 MHz signals – all at a cost far lower than less capable, competitive models. The unit’s intuitive touchscreen operation – with built-in data history, scope mode and waveform zoom – allows users to explore many aspects of power measurement in greater detail than traditional power analyzers. for more information - take me to the new product pages: NEW! PA920 Ultra-High Accuracy Precision Multi-Channel Harmonic Power Analyzers NEW! PA910 High Accuracy (0.045%) Precision Multi-Channel Harmonic Power Analyzer

New-Tech 2019 Exhibition

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After we recovered from the New Tech 2019 Exhibition, the largest and major exhibition of the Hi–Tech & Electronics in Israel, we wanted to thank the many visitors who flooded into the pavilion and visited us in our booth. We loved seeing you all, making our communication more personal and specific. Thank you for the opportunity to show our many products and lines of activities from all around the world, representing leading electronics suppliers. see you all in the next exhibition!

AI Core – Artificial Intelligence On The Edge

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The first embedded ultra-compact Artificial Intelligence processing card for on the edge computing UP Bridge the Gap – a brand of AAEON Europe – is proud to launch AI Core: the first embedded ultra-compact Artificial Intelligence processing cards for edge computing. Buy online - UP AI CORE Buy online - UP AI CORE X AI Core is a mini-PCIe module powered by Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ 2 technology. This low-power module enhances industrial IoT edge devices with hardware accelerated deep learning and enhanced machine vision functionality. AAEON Technology is one of the first IPC manufacturers to address the growing need for Artificial Intelligence on the edge with dedicated hardware. Most of the available IoT solutions are focused on connecting edge devices to the cloud and these deployments face challenges related to latency, network bandwidth, reliability and security. Experts in this field agree that not all the tasks and decision making processes can be addressed in cloud-only models. AI Core is the solution for cloud limitations by bringing AI performance and hardware acceleration not “at” but “ON” the edge of the Internet of Things. AI Core is powered by an advanced vision processing unit: the Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ 2 VPU. With 512 MB onboard DDR memory this mini card module requires very little energy to enable local deep-learning and computing vision algorithms. AI Core is ideal for object recognition in products such as drones, high-end virtual reality headsets, robotics, smart home devices, smart cameras and video surveillance solutions. AI Core is the perfect companion board of UP Squared, the compact expandable board powered by Intel® Celeron® N3350, Intel® Pentium® N4200, Intel Atom® x5-E3940, and Intel Atom® x7-E3950 processor families. However, its mini-PCIe interface makes AI Core compatible with most industrial computer boards in the market. Using the supported [...]

The Acquisition of XiTRON Technologies by Vitrek

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Vitrek Completes Acquisition of XiTRON Technologies Brand and Product Lines Acquistion broadens Vitrek’s power analyzer portfolio and adds range of complementary products; expands customer base with limited overlap; adds domestic and international representation and distribution channels. Poway, CA—November 8, 2018—Vitrek, the leader in high voltage test and measurement equipment, announces the acquisition of XiTRON Technologies. XiTRON is a recognized source of precision power test and measurement solutions for industrial and consumer product development and manufacturing. The XiTRON product line includes a range of single, dual and 3 channel Power Analyzers, portable calibration equipment, programmable DC electronic loads, power quality analyzers, digital milliohmmeters and phase angle voltmeters. The XiTRON line also contains products targeting the lighting industry, including ballast analyzing equipment and portable micro spectrometers for LED lighting measurement. In addition to the extensive product range, the acquisition of the XiTRON personnel adds a wealth of industry knowledge and consistency in supporting and maintaining relationships with XiTRON customers. Vitrek will be able to provide significant engineering support for new product development as well as substantial marketing resources to sustain the expansion and growth of the Vitrek-XiTRON product portfolio. “Acquisition of the XiTRON Technologies brand and its products is a vital component of our expansion strategy,” said Don Millstein, Vitrek’s President. “These two companies, each founded in 1990 here in San Diego County, share a heritage of excellence in power measurement and analysis. The addition of XiTRON’s products and brand recognition, market access and distribution channel all create exceptional synergies for Vitrek’s continued growth.” About Vitrek Since 1990, Vitrek has provided innovative global solutions for high voltage test and measurement including electrical safety compliance testers, multi-point high-voltage switching systems and graphical power analyzers. Vitrek also supplies precision high voltage measurement standards to national laboratories and calibration labs around the world. [...]


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Thank you for meeting us on Oct. 16th 2018, at the New-Tech exhibition. Looking forward seeing you at the next exhibition, Automation & Power Solutions 2018, on January 15th 2019 at the Trade Show Center in Tel Aviv.

Radion won First EMEA Distributor Award for 2017

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Smiths Interconnect Presents First EMEA Distributor Award for 2017 January 8, 2018 The three winners were: TTI Europe for absolute growth, Radion Engineering Co. Ltd for relative growth and AERCO Ltd for its design-in activity during the fiscal year 2017 (July 2016 – August 2017).  Smiths Interconnect concluded its first annual recognition of top performing distributors with awards for the Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA) segment's best partners in three categories. The three winners were: TTI Europe for absolute growth, Radion Engineering Co. Ltd for relative growth and AERCO Ltd for its design-in activity during the fiscal year 2017 (July 2016 – August 2017). The awards began with the Asia region, then the Americas. Now with the EMEA awards Smiths Interconnect has concluded recognition for partners that helped close a successful financial year for distribution globally. Our CEO, Mr. Uri Talmor and our Connectors sales manager, Mr. Ziv Amit, visited Smiths Interconnect offices, and received the honorable award for 2017. in addition ,Radion upgraded to the Gold status as a distributor. We are proud! Read More On Smiths Interconnect Website

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