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    • Simplex fibers and multichannel channel fiber optic cables: OM1, 2, 3, 4, SMF-28, POF
    • Mil/Aero connectors: D38999, M28876, GPRB/EPXB, EN4165, Micro 38999, TFOCA, D-sub
    • MIL/AERO termini: M29504/4, /5, /14, /15, ARINC 801, EN-4531, Jewel, Expanded Beam
    • Commercial connectors: LC, SC, FC, ST, SMA
    • Includes COTWORKS’ LC-R, LC-801, and TAO
    • Superior insertion loss and return loss performance
    • 100% Endface Quality Report and 100% Interferometer Measurements
    The COTSWORKS Fiber Applications 1310/1550 WDM splitter is a lensed splitter for Multimode cable plants specially designed for FP lasers and the unusual mode filling properties.
    Featuring very low loss and any industry standard connectors, the Fiber-3155-MM is an excellent way to split and monitor bidirectional networks with long link budgets and laser transmitters.
    • Industrial operating temperature range -40°C to +85°C
    • Negligible attenuation changes over temperature
    • Supports small bend radius (<0.6” fiber type dependent)
    • Supports MIL/AERO shock and vibration profiles
    • Accepts military, aerospace, or telecomm connectors and termini
    • PTFE jacketing
    • 62.5/125 um fiber type
    • Available in multiple colors

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