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Sanyo Denki CO. , LTD is a leading Japanese Group providing cooling systems (San Ace), power systems (SANUPS) and servo systems (SANMOTION) to Industry, Home, Medical, Energy, Information and Environment business areas.

Radion Engineering is the first distributor in Israel, since 1990. we are representing sanyo denki products professionally and with integrity for 29 years.

  • DC Cooling fans feature high air flow, high reliability and low noise.

    Suitable for servers, communications equipment and more.

  • Multiple fans are usually needed to blow air in both directions to ventilate houses, and to cool drink vending machines, food display cases, and printers.

    Wind direction of the fan can be switched so fewer fans are required. Reduces equipment costs and saves space.

  • Achieve water and dust resistant performance, energy savings and low sound pressure level, with high air flow and static pressure. Suitable for equipment used outdoors such as mobile communication base stations or heat exchangers.

  • Centrifugal fans blow air in a centrifugal course. They feature high static pressure. Suitable for high system impedance machines such as communications equipment, servers, storage systems and heat exchangers.

  • These fans feature high air flow and high static pressure. They are suitable for high system impedance machines.

  • Splash-proof fans can be installed in outdoor environments exposed to water. Suitable for cooling solar inverters and equipment for outdoors use

  • Even in environments with high concentrations of oil mist, these fans maintain stable operation. For use in servo systems and industrial equipment.

  • These products operate in a wide temperature range of − 40℃ to + 85℃. They can be safely used in both low-temperature and high-temperature applications ranging from refrigerators and freezers to heat-generating lighting devices. With these new products, the San Ace lineup can now serve in conventional applications such as communications devices, PV inverters, and rapid EV charging stations in even more demanding environments.

  • Run continuously for more than 20 years, and are well suited for equipment that must operate without maintenance for extended periods. For use with servers, communications equipment and industrial equipment.

  • These fans output high static pressure, and perform well in difficult to ventilate equipment that generates excessive heat.

    For use in servers, storage systems and mobile communication base stations.

  • The G Proof Fans are designed to withstand high levels of G-force of up to 735 m/s2 (75 G) for 1000 hours. These fans are suitable for cooling CT scanners and other devices subject to high G-force or vibration.

  • Fan speed can be controlled by temperature.

  • These fans provide highly reliable cooling for a wide variety of equipment, from telecommunications equipment to control panels and devices.

  • This device provides external control of the rotational speed of fans that have PWM control function. By using this product, PWM control function fans can be fully utilized without the need for preparing new circuits, contributing to reducing the system power consumption and the fan noise.

  • This fan works while internally converting AC power into DC power, providing the superior performance of a DC fan with the flexibility of AC input. A rated voltage range of 100 to 240 VAC allows for usage in both 100 VAC and 200 VAC systems. Rotation speed remains constant even at different input voltages. The AC fan is a perfect cooling solution for general industrial machinery, factory automation, and PV inverters.