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Minco’s advanced probe technology and manufacturing capabilities support high quality and innovative solutions for aerospace, medical and industrial applications. Our selection of custom and standard probe sensors is available in a variety of configurations to meet specific application requirements for installation, performance, and reliability.


We can supply sensors to work with nearly any type of instrument option.

Design Type

A sensor’s construction has a large impact on its thermal time response, resistance to corrosive media and other key performance characteristics. By manufacturing the bare elements all the way through final assembly, Minco has the flexibility to design high performing temperature sensors, unique to each application. Temperature probes come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations. Below are a few options:


From Aerospace to Nuclear Power, Minco tackles the most critical and demanding product requirements. Minco’s diverse experience enables design optimization by integrating the fast responding and high reliability features from medical diagnostics equipment with the extreme vibration and temperature stability requirements of aerospace engine temperature sensors.

Minco’s assembly capabilities enable a streamlined sourcing partner for customized, value-add products. From industry standard configurations used in industrial oil and gas applications to custom plug-n-play temperature harnesses used in aerospace hydraulics, Minco engineering has the expertise to develop the ideal solution. In addition, Minco offers an extensive portfolio of hazardous area certified assemblies (IECEx, ATEX, FM, CSA) where additional safety is required in potentially dangerous environments.

Minco’s sanitary sensors are authorized to carry 3-A symbol for sanitary applications, including food, beverage, and pharmaceutical processing. These sensors come in three main styles, including probe, connection head assembly, and thermowell assembly.

Cases, made of polished 316 stainless steel, are free of cracks and crevices that might shelter bacteria. External cables will withstand wash-down and offer an optional stainless steel armor to prevent abrasion wear. Epoxy coated aluminum connection heads available for terminating leads to external wiring and housing a temperature transmitter. The fast-response thermowell assembly lets you remove the RTD probe without breaking into the process lines. Flanges are designed to install with the Tri-Clamp sanitary cap fittings.

Small, rugged temperature sensors withstand rough handling and harsh environments. Designed for easy installation, these sensors can be mounted directly on machines, against process pipes, or embedded directly into a machined part. Miniature sensors are ideal for process control measurements, test and verification of existing systems, and retrofitting existing machines.

  • Embedment sensors are no larger than many bare ceramic elements. These sensors have a metal case and insulated leads to withstand rough handling and harsh environments. They are easy to install in drilled holes for applications ranging from bearing shoe temperature monitoring in industrial rotating equipment to heat-sink temperature of PCR equipment in clinical laboratories.
  • Bolt-on and economy sensors have the widest variety of designs and features. The highly customized profiles and fast time response capability makes these sensors ideal for applications ranging from semi-conductor chip temperature detection to temperature profiling of medical DNA sequencing equipment.

Materials: Minco utilizes advanced CAD/CAM machining for economic production of cases, fittings and assemblies. We have expertise working with a variety of materials, including: Stainless steel in various grades, Brass, Copper, Monel, Hastelloy, Titanium, Rubber, PTFE, and plastics.

Surface plating with nickel, gold, and other metals enables the use of high-conductivity sheaths with the added resistance to corrosion for superior performing temperature sensors.

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