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Flat, laminated “stick” RTDs fit in slots between stator windings to monitor temperature rise and prevent overheating. The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) recognizes embedded detectors as a standard protection for motor and generator insulation. Unlike on-off devices, RTDs provide continuous sensing for earlier warning without unnecessary trip outs.

Minco stator RTDs meet the specification of ANSI C50.10-1990, general requirements for synchronous motors. Six sensors are recommended for each motor, two per phase. Locating the sensors near the hottest point of the windings will provide the best performance.

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Minco’s lamination capabilities enable endless possibilities for design configurations. The laminated design provides a completely sealed sensor to improve resistance to VPI processing and withstand harsh installation and operating conditions.

  • Straight Lead Exit: Designed to embed at various positions within the length of the stator slot.
  • Side Lead Exit: Designed to overhang the end turns for easy lead wire routing
  • Paddle Sensors: Designed for Air/Gas temperature installation

Minco manufactures the complete laminated stator sensor, enabling a broad range of profiles, sizes, and dimensions. The table below indicates a few of the industry standard dimensions and Minco capabilities.

Standard(S) Maximum
inches (mm)
 0.030 (0.76)  0.030 (.76)
0.050 (1.3)
0.078 (2.0)
0.125 (3.2)
 Greater than 0.350 (8.9 mm)
inches (mm)
 0.70 (17.8)  2.0 (50.8)
6.0 (152)
11.0 (279)
20.0 (508)
 Greater than 18 ft (5.5 meters)
inches (mm)
 0.219 (5.6)  0.219 (5.6)
0.305 (7.7)
0.344 (8.7)
0.425 (10.8)
 Greater than 2.0 (50.8)