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Surface Sensor

Surface Sensor

Minco’s Thermal-RibbonTM sensors can be installed virtually anywhere for accurate temperature sensing and fast response in aerospace, medical, and industrial devices. These thin, flexible RTDs and thermocouples are surface or pressure sensitive mounted to be non-invasive and track rapidly changing conditions in both point and averaging configurations. Our Thermal-Ribbon™ are made with polyimide, silicone rubber, Mylar™, and other high performing insulation and can be waterproof constructed for continuous immersion.


We can supply sensors to work with nearly any type of instrument option.

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Minco’s expertise in wire-winding, etched foil processing, and lamination enable a unique set of design capabilities. Engineering chooses from a variety of insulating materials and thermoset or thermoplastic adhesives when designing products for each unique application. Thermal-RibbonTMdesigns commonly feature 1) a wire-wound, etched, thin-film, or thermocouple element, 2) a Minco pioneered “transition tab” for a reliable and robust transition between element and leads, and 3)a robust wire-harness or connector assembly. The three features above come together to feature a few common designs below.

  • Profiled Sensing: Custom wire-wound and etched foil elements can be designed in virtually any shape and size. The sensor zone can be profiled to provide increased sensitivity in select zones and provide packaging to perfectly fit in your applications.
    Custom Wire Wound
  • Point Sensing: Thin-Film and thermocouple sensors are ideal for small areas, where accurate point sensing and fast response are required.
    Point Sensing
  • Multi-point Array: Multi-zone sensing profiles can be easily designed for custom applications.
    Multipoint Array