• 2, 6 and 12 way standard insulators
  • Crimp, straight or bent termination options
  • Smart design with integrated functions
  • Conforms to main rail standards
  • Allows wire sections from 0.5mm² to 2.52 mm² (24-12AWG)
  • Shunt function on demand

Smiths Connectors delivers optimal durability with the REP Series multi-pole, sealed, plastic connectors. The quick and secure connection is designed specifically for embedded equipment such as sensors, brakes, lighting, air conditioning and communications across a wide range of industries: automotive, industrial, rail, test and measurement, defence and public works.

The Hyperboloid contact technology ensures low insertion/extraction forces, immunity to fretting corrosion and superior performances with 30% higher current carrying capacity that standard contacts of the same size.

Additional Features:

  • Fire & smoke standards compliance
  • Excellent resistance to shock according to EN 61-373
  • Easy mounting and maintenance: a unique contact size for 24-12 AWG cross section coverage with no specific tool required; driving to consequent reduction of supply chain, maintenance and cabling costs.
  • Overmoulded silicone grommet and interfacial seal ensures safety with IP66 protection
  • Three coding devices: cable-to-cable, clip locking, and front and back panel mount
  • Improved polarised guides