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MM190 Signal Processor and Meter Module

///MM190 Signal Processor and Meter Module

MM190 Signal Processor and Meter Module

Elite Series MM190: Signal Processing and Meter Module

Channel addition/subtraction, peak capture, selectable display units (mm, inch).

MM190 Documents For Downloads:

Label Sensor Manual EnglishUser Manual

clear label sensor catalogCapacitive Sensor Catalog

label sensor CE documentCE Declaration of Conformity



  • Bright Display of Dimensional Units
  • Inch or MM Display Selection
  • Two-Channel Signal Summing
  • Peak Capture Functions
    – Maximum
    – Minimum
    – TIR
    – Tracking TIR
  • Processed Signal Voltage Output

All Eurocard modules are enclosed in 1, 2, 3, 6, or 8 channel systems, depending on number of measurement channels and support modules ordered.

Life-Cycle Status: Active


BNC Output Scaling Error: -3.0%
Internal Scaling Error: 0.2%
Difference Error: 0.2%
Summing Error: 0.2%
Tracking TIR Error Relative to Frequency:
(not recommended below 100Hz)
10 Hz: -15.0%

100 Hz: ±0.3%

1 kHz: ±1.5%

5 kHz: ±4.0%

TIR Error Relative to Input Frequency: DC: -15.0%

1 kHz: ±1.3%

5 kHz: ±4.0%

Peak Droop: 1 mV/15 seconds
BNC Output Impedance 150 Ohms